Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do they test the temp of pee when taking a drug test?

I got pee from someone last night, I kept it in my car today under some clothes so it would stay warm (now it's raining and not very warm) I have to take my test in a few hours and I planned on hiding it on my body against my body but maybe running the bag under hot water first or something than taping it to myself, Is this going to work? It's a simple pee in a cup test but I need to know if someone can please help with any detail they could. Thanks!
I hope you get busted. Some states, hopefully yours, have laws that make it a criminal offense to try to cheat on a drug test. I hope you get busted BIGTIME! Not only do I hope you get busted, I hope they prosecute you.
That is a pretty common test that they run. It needs to be right at an expected body temperature. If it is too high or too low then they will probably suspect something is up.
Depends on what kind of protocal they are using. Most of them you can't fool. Sorry.
Yes they test the temp. It's on the side of the cup. Here's a novel idea. If you want the job, and need to pass a piss test, don't do the drugs in the first place. Now, someone else, who's smart enough to do this in the first place has your job. Congrats, dumb ace.
yes they test the temp, at most places anyways. Some places also check you for anything hidden.
good luck with that...
They will test the temp and don't be surprised if someone is right there when you are supposed to be peeing.
I don't want to break your heart but this is really not a good plan.
I dont think they accaully get the degree of the urine, however when they hold the cup they are used to a specific temp. so if it is hotter or colder then the average then they will know and you will be forced to sit and wait to retest. you will have to wait untill you can pee. I had a friend that got caught, he thought it felt to cold, so he was forced to retest and pay another test fee. Be causious you dont want it to be to hot either.
if they check the results right then with a stick test then you have a chance but if they send it away it wont work because it has been cooled and warmed and is more diluted. but they always check the temp.
Yes, they check the temperature. . .if it is too high or two low they will know you tampered with the test and that is a felony! Your better off suffering the consequences of a dirty drop than being charged with a felony.
Hopefully.If you do drugs you don't deserve to get the job. Period. Hopefully you'll be found out.
Yes they will check the temperature. Sometimes they watch you pee in the cup.
The urine has to be at the same temperature that it would be when it is expelled from the body (98.6 degrees).
I will spare you my personal thoughts on this.
I would not hire you if 1) you failed the drug test or 2 if you cheated to pass the drug test - even if your true results allowed you to pass the test YOU CHEATED. That means you are a DISHONEST person and can't be trusted to work for me.
You should look for a different job
Why didnt you detox if you knew you had all this time to clean up? Well anyway. Throw it in the microwove right before you go and keep it close to your bodya
When I took mine they pat me down and waited outside the stall. The cup had a little temp. sticker on the side. It was the first thing the women looked at. Don't use the fake urine. It's better to be truthful about it then get caught and have to confess.
I don't think they bother with that. there are lots of other things that tell them if the urine is yours or not. For example, urine itself, is sterile. Once passed through and picking up some bacteria from the outside of the body, it isn't. They expect some bacteria, but a sample more than 24 hours old will have FAR too much bacteria, they will know.
They test the temp and if it's not in normal body range, you're toast. It would be very hard to guess the correct temp. When I took mine, there was a nurse standing outside the door. They don't leave much room for funny business.
YES!! If it's not at a certian temp when they test it they know it's not yours. If you are tryiing to pass a drug test this way you need to find a way to keep it at body temperature. One way to do that is to boil some water and periodically dip the container in it constently checking the temperature1.

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